HER Grace Kuala Lumpur is a fresh fashion label with a classy touch on demure and elegant wears. High quality products that are meticulously tailored are our pillars where we cater for Ready To Wear pieces that are up-to-date. Designed and crafted enthusiastically to perfection with every piece passing through diligent hands, we present our line in elegantly unique yet modestly eccentric manner suitable for any stylish woman of varied preferences. Assorted functional pieces from dresses, skirts to kurungs are tailored to complement your stylish need for daily ensemble. Recently founded but ready to stand out among others, HER Grace Kuala Lumpur is your next favorite brand.


The tenacity behind this label is a young aspiring woman, Faatin Akib who always dreamed on having a fashion label. She always has a flair for style and passion for fashion. It was made evident when she made her debut on television as a TV host for a fashion and lifestyle program. Her universal take on different styles be it delicate and demure, or bold and chic is the ultimate formula in making HER Grace Kuala Lumpur to bloom strongly in the fashion scene. At a tender age of 23 after finishing her degree studies in information science field, together with humble experiences in a previous online business focusing on women’s scarf, she slips into a bigger shoe and takes on the challenge on opening her own fashion label.